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£23m Scrappage Scheme for Microbusinesses in London

Posted by: VantastecFridge

Good News For London’s Micro-Businesses

On the 18th of December, the London Mayor, Sadiq Khan announced a £23m scrappage scheme to assist London’s micro-businesses in preparing for the upcoming Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ.)

In a bid to reduce pollution from high-emission vehicles in London, the Mayor has brought forward the plans for the ULEZ to April 2019, which has caused concern for smaller business who may incur the £12.50 daily fine for being without a Euro 6 vehicle on top of the existing congestion charge.

“To truly get a grip on our lethal air we need to take bold action to rid our city of the most polluting vehicles.”

-Sadiq Khan

The scheme looks to assist thousands of small businesses in updating their vehicles to be Euro 6 compliant and there are calls for the government to add to the current scrappage scheme.

A micro-business is one with less than 10 employees. The news will come as a relief to London’s smaller businesses and the details of the scrappage scheme will be available next year.

We’ll be updating as and when we have more information on the scrappage scheme, so watch this space.

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