VW Caddy Dog Van Conversion DOG VAN CONVERSIONS Let your furry friends travel with maximum comfort in vans that are temperature-controlled, insulated, waterproof and easy to clean. View Dog Vans Polyshield Conversion POLYSHIELD LININGS Our robust polyshield lining comes standard with all vans. Featuring highdurability and toughness, our sturdy linings are suitable for all industries, 100% waterproof and anti-bacterial. All Polyshield Vans Ford Transit utility van conversion UTILITY VEHICLES Our brand new racking systems help turn your vehicles into the most useful tool you own. Choose from a wide range of extras for your standard and refrigerated vans View Utility Vehicle Conversions Ford Transit Custom catering van conversion CATERING CONVERSIONS Our incredible catering van is the best on the market. Our multi purpose vans have ample storage space for displays of hot, ambient and cold food. View Catering Vans Gaming Squad Van Conversion BESPOKE CONVERSIONS Got an idea for something completely outside the box? You’ll be surprised when you hear the things we’ve made! Contact us to see how we can help you. View Conversions Peugeot Partner oven van conversion OVEN VANS Our regeneration and oven vans help keep food warm at a holding temperature that meets all health and safety guidelines, making them perfect for any meals on wheels service! Enquire Now

Van Conversion Specialists: Dog Vans, Catering, Bespoke & More

Whatever business you’re in, our award-winning van conversion team is sure to have something for you. From camper and day van conversions to utility vans for the toughest of jobs, we source the vehicles, install the best quality conversions, and even help you arrange finance too. Every van conversion is unique to our customer, always keeping their needs in mind.

Our many different styles of specialist van conversions can be seen below but it’s not an exhaustive list – we’ll convert your van to almost anything and everything.

If you want something truly bespoke, talk to our teams. We can install all the add-ons that make a van perfect for your business. As one of the top van converters in the UK, we’re happy to help you find your dream vehicle.


Polyshield Linings

Standard with all our crew and panel vans, our hardy polyshield lining helps protect your van from damage.
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Temperature Controlled Vehicles

We've been converting vans for over a decade - we know everything that goes into making a premium product. View all our stock today.
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Catering Vans

Our catering vans can be fully refrigerated, sign-written and available on a 0% finance for most mobile caterers. Talk to us today to find out how we can help you.
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Our specialist team will work with you to create the conversion you’ve been looking for. Whether it’s one of our current conversions or one of your own, we’ll create everything to your specifications.

Vantastec is your one-stop shop for all things vans and van conversions. We source, convert and finance your vehicle all in one place, creating a stress-free van-buying experience.

Our vehicles come with free delivery, so we’ll bring them directly to you. Enjoy your new vehicle, and be sure to take lots of pictures! Hashtag it with #Vantastec.


Dog Vans

Converted with your pets in mind, our dog vans are designed to be comfortable and stress-free for animals of all sizes.
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Van Racking

Featuring all manners of bespoke shelving, our racking systems allow your vehicle to be perfectly adapted to your business.
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Bespoke Conversions

Our bespoke van conversions take your visions and make them a reality. See what we've done already and let us know what we can do for you.
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Your One-Stop Van Shop

Vantastec is your one-stop-shop for all things vans and van conversions. We provide vans of all shapes and sizes, whether that be panel vans, animal transport vehicles, fridge vans, catering vans, bespoke conversions and more.

Whatever your needs, we can provide the perfect vehicle for you. Each conversion is assembled by an award-winning team of engineers with decades of experience.

Our stress-free all-in-one service makes buying your next van conversion a breeze. We source, convert and finance your vehicle for you in one place. By keeping outsourcing to a minimum, we pass these savings onto you, ensuring unmatched value for money so you can drive away with a smile on your face.

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