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Customer Referral Scheme

Introducing the return of the Vantastec customer referral scheme. Get £200 when someone you refer buys a van. Terms and conditions apply.

How To Claim Your £200

Step 1

Tell someone you know about Vantastec

Step 2

They purchase a van from us

Step 3

You receive £200 (after we confirm the referral)

Step 4

That’s it – everyone’s happy!

We Want To Give Back

In Vantastec’s early days, we offered a referral scheme where customers received a commission for referrals that led to a sale.

As we grew, more van operators started to take notice of us. This meant our referral scheme was put on the backburner.

Now, after 18+ years in the business, and thousands of customers later, we want to give back to those who have helped us along the way.

Word of mouth has always been important to us. And we are eternally grateful to those who’ve steered others in our direction when they need a new van.

That’s why we’ve decided to re-introduce and revamp our customer referral scheme!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Make A Claim?

You have two options. Our sales team always asks new customers how they found out about us. If they say they were referred, we’ll reach out to the person who referred them. If you’d like to make the claim yourself, you can contact our sales team via email or phone to inform us of the referral.

Once we’ve conducted our internal investigation and confirmed the claim as valid, we’ll then organise getting you your £200! Remember – all claims must be made within five working days of the referee purchasing the van, and is subject to our terms and conditions.

Is the £200 +VAT?

No. The £200 includes VAT, which is paid as a commission fee.

Do I get £200 for every van they purchase?

Unfortunately, no. The £200 is per customer you refer that results in a sale, regardless of how many vans they purchase.

What if I've previously referred someone to you?

We are very grateful for that. Unfortunately, though, we are only able to pay for new referrals.

Is the scheme only valid on refrigerated vehicles?

No. The referral scheme applies to all vans sales, whether it’s a fridge van, freezer van, crew cab or a regular panel van!

Can I exchange the £200 for a discount on my next van?

Potentially! Give us a call and I’m sure we can work something out.

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