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Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase

If you’re looking for a simple finance package that gives you the option to own your new van while making fixed monthly payments in the process, the hire purchase option is perfect for you.

Your hire purchase package will involve an upfront deposit followed by fixed monthly payments. Unlike other finance packages, you have the opportunity to purchase the vehicle at the end of your agreement.

There are no mileage restrictions with a hire purchase agreement, however, you are responsible for the vehicle servicing and maintenance.

We’ve also covered the difference between a finance lease and hire purchase in our Finance Friday blog so you can be fully informed as to what the differences are and what the two leasing options can provide. As always, feel free to discuss your options with our SAF-accredited sales team to clear any confusion.


  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Ownership of the vehicle
  • Fixed interest rate
  • Low deposit – VAT only
  • VAT deposit reclaimable
  • Flexible payment period – from 24 months up to 60 months
  • VAT free monthly payments

How it works

The deposit is normally full VAT plus 10% of the vehicle value, although you can choose to pay more to reduce your monthly payments.

Fixed monthly payments terms are between 24 & 60 months.

Small option to purchase fee at the end of the agreement to transfer ownership of the vehicle to you, the customer

If you feel the hire purchase option is for you, head on over to our finance application form to start the process today. If you haven’t decided on the vehicle you want yet, browse the inventory for all our wares.