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The 9 Best Ways to Keep Your Fridge Van Cool This Summer

Posted by: Vantastec

Keep your fridge van extra cool this summer

With temperatures reaching highs of 39°C this week, we’re all feeling the heat of British summer and the extra heat. Here are our top tips for keeping your van as cool as possible:


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Pre-chill your vehicle before loading

With the external temperatures so warm, the van is likely going to take a little longer to cool down than what you might be used to. To make sure it’s keeping your goods at food-safe levels, pre-chill your vehicle beforehand so you know your goods are going straight into a cool van.

Chill your goods before loading

When it’s as hot as it is outside, make sure you’re working with your vehicle to keep it cool. Any extra heat in the van will delay getting your van to the correct temperature, so try to keep your goods chilled before loading.

Keep the doors closed for as long as possible

Whether it’s between loads or stops, keeping that cold air inside the vehicle is an absolute must in the heat. A fridge van will be very well insulated and keep the cool air in while the doors are closed, but it escapes when the doors are opened and will have to get back down to temperature again. If you’ve got an opportunity to keep the doors closed, take it!

Install rear curtains

To combat the issues of cool air escaping, installing rear curtains to your vehicle will help keep the cold air in the van. Ensuring they’re equally spaced and with minimal gaps will be a great help in keeping your van running at its best.

Rear curtains in a Peugeot Partner fridge van

Park your van in the shade

This one sounds a little like some common sense, but we understand if there’s no better place to park! Directly avoiding the sun’s rays will help your van run better and more efficiently by keeping it cooler in the shade.

Drive your van before loading

Take your fridge van out for a spin on a hot day before loading it up – it doesn’t even have to be a long drive! When you drive your van, you’re getting fresher, moving air to the chilling unit which helps it cool quickly, perfect for long summer days when it’s taking longer than normal.

Keep up with servicing

When you first buy your fridge van, we’ll have told you to make sure it’s inspected every six months. With changes in outside temperatures expanding and contracting internal fittings, it’s important to make sure it’s always at its prime. We recommend you have it inspected every six months, and serviced every twelve months. It ensures your van is always working at its best, whatever the weather.

Keep your van in use

Have you stopped using your fridge van and come back to it a few months later to find it doesn’t work as well anymore? By using your fridge unit for 15 minutes every week makes sure it’s in a condition to keep running. The more you use it, the better condition it stays in! If you’ve been caught out this summer, make sure you get it serviced.

Plan ahead!

Whether it’s pre-chilling your van or making sure it’s serviced, planning ahead is the key to getting through the summer heat with your fridge van. Make sure you’re working as smartly to maximise the amount of cold air running through the loading area for as long as possible. Most importantly, look after you! Get yourself a cold drink or an ice cream, you deserve it in this weather.


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