What Are The Best Vans For Dog Walkers & Groomers?

Are you thinking of starting your own dog walking or mobile grooming business this year? Here are six of the best vans for dog walkers to buy in 2024.

For mobile dog walkers and groomers, business is booming – and it’s easy to see why.

From a customer’s point of view, having someone pick up your dog from your home and take them out for walks can be incredibly convenient.

And from a business perspective, who wouldn’t want to make a living surrounded by furry friends all day?

If you’ve clicked this article, you’re probably looking to buy a dog walking van to start your own business or side hustle.

But where do you start?

Researching and comparing different options can be daunting. Vans come in all shapes and sizes, with various specifications and features to make finding the right one even more confusing.

But fear not – we’re here to help.

Vantastec has spent the last 17+ years working with all major manufacturers, building refrigerated vans, animal transport vehicles, bespoke builds and more.

During this time, we’ve familiarised ourselves with every van model and what you need to look out for when choosing your own.

In this guide, we’ll be naming six of the best vans for dog walkers and mobile groomers to buy in 2024.

Let’s get stuck in.


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Animals At Home Peugeot Partner Dog Van


1. Peugeot Partner Long Professional

When it comes to small vans, the Peugeot Partner is one of our best-sellers.

The smaller offering of Peugeot’s light commercial vehicle range, the Partner offers premier performance at a much more appealing price than premium manufacturers.

It comes in two length variants: Standard and Long. We’re specifically recommending the long variant as it offers more room in the load area; ideal for creating a more spacious environment for your furry friends.

With a payload of 950kg, and a load area that can comfortably fit two Euro pallets, Peugeot Partners offer a very generous transport capacity in a sleek, compact design.

The Professional specification also offers a host of additional features designed for comfort and functionality. Some of these include a touchscreen multimedia display, air conditioning, parking sensors, hill start assist and much more.


Peugeot Partner Overview

External Dimensions: 4753 mm (L) x 1849 mm (H) x 1848 mm (W)

Load Area Dimensions: 2167 mm (L) x 1550 mm (W) x 1243 mm (H)

Manufacturer’s Warranty: 3 years or up to 100,000 miles

Engine Options: 75PS, 100PS & 135PS


Ford Transit Connect Crew Van


2. Ford Transit Connect Limited L2H1

For a more premium small van option, you can’t go wrong with a Ford Transit Connect.

Ford’s Transit brand has become an icon. And it’s easy to see why. 

All three of their LCV offerings, the Connect, Custom and Transit, are heavy favourites among our customers.

In the Connect’s case, it offers an almost car-like driving experience, great fuel economy and a host of size variants and specifications to customise to your needs.

For the same reasons outlined above in our Peugeot Partner breakdown, we’re recommending the L2 variant as it offers more room in the rear. 

Plus, this opens up the option for having twin side-loading doors; a great feature if functionality is your main concern. 

With the Limited spec, you also get rear parking sensors, manual air conditioning, cruise control, DAB radio, and much more.


Ford Connect Overview

External Dimensions: 4825 mm (L) x 1835 mm (W) x 1828 mm (H)

Load Area Dimensions: 2231 mm (L) x 1496 mm (W) x 1269 mm (H)

Manufacturer’s Warranty: 3 years or up to 100,000 miles (upgrades available at a cost)

Engine Options: 75PS, 100PS, 120PS


l1 peugeot boxer fridge van


3. Peugeot Boxer L1H1

The first of our medium-sized options is the Peugeot Boxer. 

But not just any Peugeot Boxer. Specifically, the L1H1 variant.

Typically known as Peugeot’s larger offering, the Boxer is another best-seller at Vantastec for customers in need of a high-performing long-wheelbase vehicle that doesn’t break the bank.

But the L1H1 variant is a bit of a hidden gem, for two key reasons: load area and payload.

Despite its medium-sized exterior, the box-shaped load area offers more generous storage space. Plus, the L1H1 model inherits the larger version’s impressive 1,155kg payload.

And when it comes to transporting animals, having more space is never a negative thing.

A more obscure pick, but the L1H1 Peugeot Boxer makes for a great dog walking van.


Peugeot Boxer Overview

External Dimensions: 4963 mm (L) x 2050 mm (W) x 2254 mm (H)

Load Area Dimensions: 2670 mm (L) x 1880 mm (W) x 1662 mm (H)

Manufacturer’s Warranty: 3 years or up to 100,000 miles

Engine Options: 120PS (L2 – L4 models available in 140PS and 165 PS)


Ford Transit Custom Dog Van


4. Ford Transit Custom Limited

Our second medium-sized option is the Ford Transit Custom. 

The Transit Custom is one of the most widely-recognised vans available on the market today. 

Whether it’s a refrigerated van, crew cab, panel van or bespoke conversion, we’ll always recommend the Transit Custom to anyone in need of a medium-sized vehicle.

Like all Ford vans, the Transit Custom offers a car-like driving experience. And the Limited specification – like with the Transit Connect – comes with a bunch of additional features. 

Some of which include a 7-inch multimedia touchscreen system with Android and Apple car play, air conditioning, cruise control, parking sensors, rear-view camera and more. 

A premium vehicle that’s also great value for money. You can’t really go wrong with Ford Transit Custom.


Ford Custom Overview 

External Dimensions: 4973 mm (L) x 1986 mm (W) x 1925 – 2000 mm (H)

Load Area Dimensions: 1775 mm (W) x 2554 mm (L) x 1406 mm (H) 

Manufacturer’s Warranty: 3 years or up to 100,000 miles (upgrades available at a cost)

Engine Options: 105PS, 130PS & 170PS 

*Figures based on L1H1 panel van specification


Best Vans For Dog Walkers



5. VW Crafter 

Now, let’s get onto some larger vehicles. Up first, the VW Crafter.

Alongside Ford, VW is arguably the most recognised brand in the light commercial vehicle industry. Especially when it comes to vehicle conversions. 

The van life/camper scene loves VW Crafters. And for good reason.

They’re reliable, durable, pleasant to drive and, simply put, get the job done. 

Carefully designed and fine-tuned throughout the years, VW has made the Crafter the standard-bearer for long-wheelbase vans. 

Plus, all new VW vans come with a 3-year unlimited mileage warranty. So, you can rest assured knowing your vehicle is covered under warranty for three whole years; no matter what your annual mileage is!


VW Crafter Overview

External Dimensions: 6836 mm (L) x 2427 mm (W) 2590 mm (H)

Load Area Dimensions: 4300 mm (L) x 1832 mm (W) x 1961 mm (H)

Manufacturer’s Warranty: 3 years unlimited mileage

Engine Options: 102PS, 122PS, 140PS & 177PS 

*Figures based on LWB normal roof panel van specification


Ford Transit Dog Van


6. Ford Transit 

Finally, the last entry into our list of the best vans for dog walkers is the Ford Transit.

Another larger option, but we’ve included it as it’s slightly cheaper than the VW Crafter while still offering premium performance.

Vantastec serves fleet operators of all kinds. Refrigerated vans, utility vehicles, animal transport – you name it! All of which put their businesses in the hands of the Ford Transit.

Reliable, feature-packed and, like we’ve mentioned with every other Ford on this list, a great driving experience.

If you’re in need of a larger vehicle, Ford Transits can do no wrong.


Ford Transit Overview

External Dimensions: 5981 mm (L) x 2474 mm (W) x 2533 mm (H)

Load Area Dimensions: 3494 mm (L) x 1784 mm (W) x 1886 mm (H)

Manufacturer’s Warranty: 3 years or up to 100,000 miles (upgrades available at a cost)

Engine Options: 130PS, 170PS & 185PS


*Figures based on L3H2 panel van specification


More Tips For Choosing The Best Van For Transporting Dogs


Don’t Skimp On Safety

It goes without saying safety should be your main priority.

You wouldn’t transport your children or loved ones in a van you don’t feel safe in. So why should it be any different for dogs?

Thankfully, most modern van models come packed with new, innovative features to ensure the safety of all passengers. Central locking, collision warnings, speed limiters, parking sensors – you name it.

If you’re venturing into the used market, though, make sure you do your research on the vehicle’s service and MOT history. You’ll want to be extra careful in finding out any previous faults or issues that might compromise safety.

We’ve put together a guide on 3 ways you can transport dogs safely in vans. So be sure to check that out as well.


Make Animal Comfort A Top Priority

Another key thing you should consider is the comfort of your furry friends.

Travelling can often be a stressful experience for animals. Making sure they’re comfortable is vitally important.

Make sure your passengers have enough space around them, keep your van temperature controlled so they’re not too warm or too cold and even take extra care when manoeuvring turns to limit turbulence.


Make Sure You’re Fully Insured

This is pretty obvious. Please make sure you’re fully insured.

Van insurance covers nearly everything that could possibly go wrong with your van. But, it’s not just your van that needs to be protected.

Having the appropriate business insurance for dog walking makes you more trustworthy and protects you legally should disaster strike.


Research Finance Options

Finance can be a great way of spreading the cost of your new van into affordable monthly repayments.

Not every business has the upfront capital to buy a van outright. And with van prices where they are currently, it’s easy to see why van finance has become so popular.

If you’re not sure where to start or which option could be best for you, we have a host of van finance guides to get your teeth stuck into.


Buy From A Reputable Seller

More so the case if looking for a used van, always buy a van from a reputable seller.

As mentioned previously, make sure the vehicle has a full MOT and service history. If it comes with a warranty, even better.

When it comes down to running a business that relies on a fully functional fleet, you don’t want a dog walking van that’s always breaking down.



So, What Are The Best Vans For Dog Walkers?


6 Best Vans For Dog Walkers & Groomers


Hopefully, this guide has highlighted some worthwhile options for you to consider. But it’s up to you to decide which is best.

Keep doing your research. Write a list of things you need out of your van and prioritise each point from most to least important.

Try and find one that ticks the most important boxes. Then, you’ll be on track to becoming the best dog walking or dog grooming business in town!

Truth be told, there are no best vans for dog walkers. It all depends on personal preference.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to leave a comment below. We’ve also published a host of van-buying guides that cover topics such as finance, sustainability and more – so be sure to check those out.

Take care, all!


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