New Electric Fleet For Caerphilly Council

Vantastec has provided Caerphilly Council with a fleet of our new and improved fully-electric oven vans.

The vehicles will be used as part of Caerphilly County Borough Council’s Meals Direct scheme.

The service delivers pre-prepared meals throughout the borough to housebound or disabled residents to help them ‘maintain their independence and provide a regular check to ensure all is well in the household.’


Full-electric oven van


Having previously supplied Caerphilly Council with a selection of 100% electric-powered oven vans, our new and improved design guarantees even better performance.

The electric-powered ovens now offer a greater temperature range and longer operation hours while producing zero harmful emissions. Paired with Nissan eNV200, this creates a 100% emission-free vehicle that’s cheaper to operate than a non-electric alternative.


Fully-electric oven van


Vantastec Managing Directors Colin Smith and Gareth Edwards said:

After a successful in-the-field trial with our previous builds, we’re delighted to be launching our new and improved electric oven vans and continue our work with Caerphilly County Borough Council.

Their Meals Direct Scheme is a fantastic asset to our community and it’s a privilege to be involved in such an amazing project.

Vantastec is always looking to develop more sustainable transport solutions for organisations of all kinds.

Already, we’ve seen van manufacturers announce plans to make their products more eco-friendly. It’s only natural that vehicle converters such as ourselves start looking at how we can create customised vehicles that don’t harm our planet.

Meals Direct delivers 125,000 frozen, fresh and hot meals to residents every year. You can learn more about the scheme by watching the video below: