Convert Your Van

Already have a van? No problem, we can fully convert the vehicle.

Need us to convert your van? We offer a full range conversions from standard fridge van conversions, or a more refined freezer van conversion. We also offer dog vans, bespoke conversions and Vantstec’s Poly Shield conversion lining.


Freezer Van Conversion

Frozen van Conversion

Freezer Van Conversion Typically a minimum of 75mm of insulation is required to achieve freezer temperatures (-22ºc and below generally requires 100mm insulation). Insulation works to its optimum if kept to an even and continuous thicknes...

Fridge Van Conversion

Chilled van Conversion

Your Next Fridge Van Conversion   Keeping a constantly updated range of insulated panels for all the popular van models, along with a stock of chill refrigeration systems means we can promise an exceptionally quick turnaround with mini...

Bespoke Van Conversions

Bespoke Van Conversions

Bespoke Van Conversions   Catering Van Conversions: Vantastec provide the best choice and value for money for catering vans. Our team will fully discuss your specification – from layout, the choice of equipment, to the fuel and power ...

Dog Van Conversion

Dog van conversions

Dog Van Conversion Our bespoke dog vans come with a fully washable lining, steel powder covered frames and easily lockable catches. To ensure your conversion is truly bespoke Vantastec can offer a number of additional options such as storage...

Poly Shield Conversion

Poly Shield Conversion

Vantastec Poly Shield Conversion All standard vans are internally converted and sold with our Vantastec poly shield conversion lining. The poly shield lining conversion is carried out by our own team of qualified engineers. Every van conver...

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